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Emergency Outreach Program
Dollar Bill in Jar

In our partnership with Porchlight, Inc., and with many other local churches, the Emergency Outreach Program also helps with housing-related emergencies:  help with rent, help with security deposits, and help with utility bills. Last year, for example, we helped 143 individuals or families with their housing needs, and were able to coordinate support from other congregations for another 202 people.

The Emergency Outreach Program is designed to help low-income and homeless people with the “little things” they may need to get by:  help with local transportation (gas vouchers and bus tickets), help with forms of identification (birth certificates and drivers’ licenses), help with prescription medication, and other medical needs, help with moving costs, help with storage fees, help with child-care-related needs, help with automotive needs, help with out-of-town travel, etc.

People call (608) 252-8522 on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday morning at 8:30 sharp to register for an appointment. We ask them, then, to show up at the church at 10:00 that same morning. We can see between 12 and 15 people per shift, depending on available resources and the complexity and cost of the particular emergency needs. Our general policy is that there should be a minimum of thirty days between helping a particular individual or family, and that people can helped a maximum of five times per year.

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