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More for Madison is a visionary campaign by St. John’s that is reshaping the heart of downtown by tearing down its existing building to make room for affordable housing and community transformation. With a goal to raise the final $3 million of the $46 million needed for the project, More is not just a housing initiative; it’s a commitment to building a thriving, inclusive community. 

We're building affordable housing!  Click here to learn more.

We're building affordable housing! Click here to learn more.

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Madison is routinely listed among the best places to live in the nation, yet this does not hold true for everyone. A significant portion of the people working in restaurant, retail, non-profit, and service sector jobs are spending significantly more than 30% of their income on housing, leading to people doubling up and in extreme situations living in their cars.

Many people serving a meal in downtown restaurants, providing childcare, or working in entry-level nonprofit or government jobs can’t afford to live in the community they serve. 

We are experiencing a painful housing crisis. There is ample employment opportunity, access to public transit, and amenities (like schools, parks, healthcare and grocery stores) yet little moderate-income housing for the people who want and need these jobs. 

We know affordable housing located in the heart of downtown is not only foundational for thriving families and individuals but is central to maintaining the vitality and diversity that makes Madison one of the best places to live in the US.

Imagine a place where affordable living, stability, and supportive services converge fostering growth and success.  With a rooftop garden, accessible community spaces, and vital social services, St. John’s redevelopment for affordable housing is a testament to our commitment to community, diversity, and holistic care for one another. 


We’re collaborating with local partners, backed by low-income housing tax credits, and supported by the City of Madison and Dane County. 

Our vision is clear: to interrupt the poverty cycle, empower individuals, strengthen the community, and elevate Madison’s status as one of the best places to live.

St. John’s response to a housing crisis is More

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