Picture of St. John's members at a masked, socially distant rally for Black Lives, put on by the African American Council of Churches in Madison, WI




We are a church where you can come by yourself or introduce your girlfriend, boyfriend, or live-in significant other to about sixty surrogate grandparents. A church with very few gay people, but lots of parents and grandparents of LGBTQIA+ people who want to make the world better.


We are a church that takes anti-racism seriously--and we still have art that represents Jesus as a white guy. Our bathrooms are still binary. We may get your pronouns wrong or invite you to join the quilting or outreach, or fellowship, or finance committee.


All in all, we're trying.

We have a passion for doing ministry with the homeless, marginally housed, and currently or formerly incarcerated, offering space to Off the Square Club, Porchlight Overnight Shelter, and Backyard Mosaic Women's Project. We serve dinner at the Shelter at Grace Episcopal once a month, grieve the way people with mental illness are stigmatized, and provide emergency financial assistance to those in need through the Emergency Fund.

We don't do any of these things perfectly,

and we know better than to take ourselves too seriously.

All in all, we're trying. Everyday we wrestle with and embody the both/and nature of our Lutheran theology. We are both saints and sinners, broken and whole, perfect and in need of mercy. We are a community of believers on a journey. We know we will get some of the details wrong, and trust that we follow a God of compassion. With 165 years of service, we have set out to continue to share God's love with our neighbors.

Join us on this journey.


“Therefore encourage one another and build up each other,

  as indeed you are doing.”  (1 Thessalonians 5:11)