Affiliating with St. Johns

One can affiliate with  St. Johns anytime during the year. The first step is to indicate to the pastor an interest in your connection with the congregation and/or its mission.

The person interested in affiliating with St. Johns meets with the pastor, and contact information is shared with us. Often people are interested in connecting with St. Johns and receive mailings and the weekly email, and not formally join, and that is fine too.

There are no classes or groups, however, everyone at St. Johns is asked to become involved in one area of ministry in the congregation such as one of St. John’s outreach programs, helping with worship, assisting with a shelter meal, becoming a member of a small group, or working with the day shelter.

If you want, a current member of the congregation is assigned as a mentor or sponsor to assist with integrating into congregational life. You may also meet with the pastor on occasion to see how it is all going, and to reflect on the Lutheran tradition and how that tradition relates to your faith perspective.