St John’s Gallery

Pope Farm Sunflowers
Pope Farm Sunflowers

Linking Art and Faith

St John’s members share time, talent and resources in outreach to others, and within our congregation as well. Our service continues to be enriched with gifts of music. We celebrate the creative sewing skills of members with quilts and banners. Now with the addition of a gallery hanging system in the Community Room, we are able to organize and present regular shows by artists in a variety of media.

Hilo Farmers' Market
Hilo Farmers’ Market


Our first show features the pastels of parishioner, Susan Hunt. Landscapes and animals take center stage in the colorful pastels. Her early work was in Susan Huntoil and watercolor until the day she decided to use an old set of pastels that had belonged to her grandmother.  The deep colors and rich textures achievable with pastel sticks—pure pigment with a binder—immediately captured her imagination and she put her paints aside.  

Kama'aina Dogs
Kama’aina Dogs

Hunt explains, “I experience vivid momentary impressions that fade into the background as they are replaced by new ones. Images travel along time’s slipstream gradually losing definition. And then disappear…….
Storytelling, poems, photos, art and music can revive memories. Each of these pastels captures a vignette of mine.”

Susan has shown her work in Minnesota and Wisconsin and is an active member of the Wisconsin Regional Artists Association.  The program encourages the creative growth of nonprofessional artist.

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