St John’s staff: 
Deb Cook, the financial secretary who works with lay leadership and staff in financial and administrative matters.
Dick Gundlach, the congregational secretary who handles communications and coordination of activities in the congregation and building.
Kristie Halverson, the director of music who leads the musical groups, plays organ and piano, works with the children on music projects, and
Hasan Mohr, the outreach worker who handles the distribution to those in need of financial assistance.
Pastor Ken Smith, the pastor of the congregation who works with the lay leadership and staff in providing overall direction for congregational life as well as pastoral care, learning ministry, and preaching and presiding at worship.
Berhanu Edau the congregational custodian who prepares for groups using the building and maintains the facility.

2 thoughts on “Staff”

  1. Hello,

    Just wondering if somebody could put me in touch with the person in charge of the church bulletin. I am interested in placing an ad.

    Paige Wiese

    1. We have not taken ads in the past, but we do place items that are of interest to our members and are consistent with our mission. I can be reached at if you would like to write.

      Dick Gundlach
      Administrative Secretary
      St. John’s Lutheran Church

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